I sometimes run workshops locally on a variety of different themes. These are listed in the Classes and Courses page once scheduled.

You can also book a workshop for yourself and your friends, or as part of another event, day of dance or general family festivals or creative event or for a party or hen night (but NO male only events - these are workshops for joining in not performances for viewing).

You can chose either a single workshop, or a couple together or sometimes three for a whole day of dance.
Chose from the workshop options below.

You will notice there are a number of 'therapy' options too - as well as being a trained sports/dance coach (NCFE 2) I am also a degree equivalent (NCFE 4)qualified life coach.

The price list is from 2014 but most are still accurate for 2017, new price list coming out mid spring.


Dance Meditations & Prayers - 1 or 1.5 hr

A selection of various mellow dance drills, mostly based on bellydance moves. Each with their own accompanying prayers, meditations or reflections. A calm and centring experience calling on druid philosophies.

Price List 2014

Intro to bellydance

What it says on the tin - a basic introduction to bellydance. IDEAL FOR FETES, FESTIVALS, W.I. and CLUBS, OTHER GENERAL EVENTS AND OF COURSE HEN NIGHTS

Trance Dance - 1.5hr including break & rest

An introduction the idea of trance dance.
Exploring with words the ideas in trance, origins and characteristics of different styles. Experiencing a style of trance dance for yourself.

Shimmy Fit - 1 hr or 1.5hr

Dance-ercise based on bellydance, and also disco, salsa, barefoot flamenco, african, flamenco, latin and ballroom dances. Great fun for absolute beginners to pick up a mix, or existing dancers to drill some new combinations.

Dance and Social Anxiety Coaching

Exploring different techniques to address social anxiety, combined with physical activity / dance. Many find dance or performance though a challenge really helps the sufferer cope with Social Anxiety Disorders.
Introduction to some simple techniques from CBT and NLP and coaching for improving social anxiety issues.
Suitable for small groups & private events.

Learn a Simple Choreo

Learn some simple bellydance moves and put them together to be a choreography. IDEAL FOR DANCE EVENTS OR FOR MORE ENGAGED HEN NIGHTS

Get Balanced - 1hr

Exploring your own personal balance, looking at a good base of stability and how it works with your centre of gravity. INCLUDES a number oftips and tricks for improving your balance when turning which work for many people. IDEAL FOR DANCE EVENTS

Dance as a spiritual activity
Part talk and discussion, part dance class teaching bellydnce basics, then practicing dance as a spiritual activity with a new awareness.

Seasonal Shimmy Fit - 1hr or 1.5hr

As for the Standard ShimmyFit - but to a selection of seasonal songs. IIDEAL FOR XMAS PARTIES

Super Stretches for Suppleness - 1.5 hr

A selection of stretches - from yours toes to your finger tips and everything in between. Accompanied by restful music. Ideal workshop for rounding off a full day of dance.

Melting Pot Dance - 1hr or 1.5hr

Originally created as a short course there are a number of different themed Melting Pot sessions which can be presented as single workshops. These workshops explore ideas involved in different dance styles and create new dance and movement based on them. Email to discuss which style/theme would suit your group best.

Dancing with the Elements

Exploring the four elements through associated music, dance moves and props. ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR DANCERS, PAGAN/SPIRITUAL EVENTS, BUT GOOD FUN FOR ALL.

Disco Routines

Learn a selection of classic '70s disco routines

Dance Visualisation

For performance enhancement. Come with a dance you want to dance well and we will take a meditative journey and use positive visualisation to help boost your performance confidence. FOR DANCERS

Meet Your Dance Animal

Take a meditative guided journey to meet a creature to give you new inspiration in dance. SUITABLE FOR DANCE EVENTS, SPIRITUAL/NEW AGE/PAGANEVENTS OR FESTIVALS.

Raks Disco I

Combining disco and bellydance

Parent and Child Create and Craft
A fun workshop where parent and child are working together to create a pretty coin belt for the child to take home, and then learn some moves to enjoy dancing .

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