Shimmy Fit   Devon

We have a facebook group for students past, present and future to stay in contact and where various useful bits of information about classes or pieces of music or items discussed during a class are posted. It is called ShimmyFitDevon and you should be able to request membership at the click of a button. If not email me and i'll sort it out.

This page serves as a repository for all kinds of useful information for students at various different sessions. Each of the highlighted titles will open a fresh page with articles and information relating to the title.

** links will be added soon - if you want to see an article before just email me and ask**

Before you dance (things like what to wear)

What's this Bellydance stuff all about then?

Who leads the classes then?

What kind of Bellydance do you teach?

What are the differences between your different classes?

What is ShimmyFit?

Benefits of dance on physical and mental health.

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