Shimmy Fit   Devon

The easiest and best, absolutely preferred way to reach me is definitely email for general questions or conversation

Jo is the account name then after the @ it's ShimmyFit Devon then like on this website address.

If you prefer to phone you can use the Catspawmobile phone number 0 double7 double6 342 147 but if you call you will usually end up leaving a message as signal can be patchy and I don't always get notified of voicemails quickly.

Texts to this number are and ideal way to inform me if you can't make it to class so we don't wait for you before we begin.

.... but please remember to say who you are in texts or voicemail messages since I can't always work it out from your message.

If you're interested in booking me for an event then have a look at the standard price list. Price List 2014

Of course you could always come along to a class to speak to me, or if you're in the village just catch me when I'm out and about.

Or even catch me at one of Cliff's storytelling nights in the village.

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